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On these pages you will find a lot of information about the toilet, water and wastewater and our products.

We want to inform you both in our blog about various topics, as well as in the FAQ section to clarify our products and how you can use them properly.

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Water scarcity in Lima

The migration from rural areas to the overcrowded capital, Lima, is increasing as water becomes a luxury for many residents. Volunteers aim to alleviate this plight with a simple idea. A ten-kilometer

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Citizens of Lima

10 million people live in Lima, the capital of Peru. By the way, that is one third of the population of Peru and more people are moving there every day as the

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Our Toilet: Landersdorf

🚽 Dive into the fascinating world of history and modern convenience! 🕰️  Ever wondered how our ancestors managed daily life without modern amenities? Take a journey with us to Landersdorf, nestled in the picturesque

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Humans settle around Landersdorf

5,000 years ago first humans settled around Landersdorf.  By the way, that’s the time when people started building houses and growing crops in Bavaria. People also used toilets at the time and next Tuesday we’ll talk about the connection

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