The areas of application for our dry separation toilets are as diverse as our customers. Our solution can be integrated into a building or purchased as a “stand-alone version”.

In the public sector, our toilets are often used as individual buildings or facilities. Places of use can be playgrounds, parks, cemeteries or rest areas. There are many more possibilities and surely you already have your option in mind.

In the private sector, it is mainly houses and cottages away from civilization or buildings with a self-sufficient requirement.

We will be happy to support you in the decision-making process.

Auf dem Foto ist im linken Bereich eine Toilettenanlage aus Holz erkennbar. Ein Schild zeigt, dass die Toilette besetzt ist. Auf der rechten Seite sieht man zwei Birken und ein kleiner Brunnen mit Pumpe. Dahinter ist ein Weg und blauer Himmel zu sehen.

Planning and implementation

The areas of application of dry separation toilets can be very diverse. The installation of such a system is basically quite simple, but here, too, a few things must be considered. These are somewhat different from the conventional toilets. Therefore, we are happy to support you not only in the decision, concrete planning and implementation of your toilet facility.

We have many years of experience in this field and can assist you both in the selection of the appropriate dry separation toilet and in the professional installation and maintenance. With us, you have a reliable partner at your side who can help you implement resource-saving and sustainable sanitary solutions.

Possible locations for your toilet


  • City parks
  • Zoos and animal enclosures
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Lakes and ponds
  • Beaches
  • (Forest) cemeteries
  • Forest kindergartens
  • Emergency shelters
  • Refugee camps


  • (Commuter) parking lots
  • Rest areas
  • (End) stations
  • Small ” train stations”
  • Bicycle and hiking trails
  • Forestry huts and shelters
  • National parks
  • Memorials
  • Military training areas
  • Bunkers


  • Allotment garden sites
  • Bivouac and tent sites
  • Campsites
  • Golf courses
  • Bathing and sports facilities
  • Climbing and high ropes courses
  • (Alpine, fishing, hunting) huts
  • Day trip restaurants
  • Self-sufficient and Tiny houses
  • Houseboats and yachts

Existing application areas
of our dry separation toilets

Here you can find some of our systems. There are already over 60 facilities installed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There are some in private hands as well as a lot more in the public sector.