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We have various products for the different demands and needs of our customers. Our products always offer a modern, high-quality standard and comfort. Going to the toilet should be as pleasant for the users as for the operators.

Please feel free to have a look around our site. If you have any questions about individual products or solutions, we will be pleased to help you. We want you to be always relieved and satisfied, and of course recommend our solution.

Our product range starts with the TTC HOLZ for your camper or garden site and ends with a concrete GOLDGRUBE® and TTC MINERAL with over 9,000 uses for your building in the public space. We want to support municipalities as well as globetrotters to reduce the pressure.

Details you will find also still at the data sheets. (German only)

Auf dem Foto ist eine Goldgrube in einem ausgehobenen Loch zu sehen.


The GOLDGRUBE® is a proprietary, patent-protected development for the separate storage of feces and urine in one container. This container can be made of concrete.

It is combined with a TTC MINERAL.

Due to its complexity, this product cannot be ordered from our store. Please contact us. We will be delighted to help you with the selection and planning.

Auf dem Foto ist eine Trockentrenntoilette vom Typ TTC MINERAL erkennbar. Diese hat einen Holzsitz und der Stuhl ist weiß. Der Deckel ist geschlossen.


The TTC MINERAL is our own development made of mineral composite.

It is a toilet seat with a separation function of the substances and can be used together with a GOLDGRUBE® or barrel solution.

Due to its simple and plain shape and the color alpine white, the TTC MINERAL is timeless and fits into any modern bathroom

Auf dem Foto ist eine Trockentrenntoilette aus Holz zu erkennen. Der Deckel der recht quadratischen Toilette ist offen.


The TTC HOLZ is a custom construction made of solid wood.

In this dry separation toilet, the toilet seat and the collection tank form one unit – the feces container is located in the toilet seat. The TTC HOLZ is placed on an existing dry floor.

The rectangular 25 liter feces collection tank is sufficient for use by one person for about four weeks.

Auf dem Foto ist ein Kindersitz von oben zu erkennen. Dieser ist speziell für eine Trockentrenntoilette konzipiert und besitzt zwei Bereiche. Ein großes Loch hinten und ein kleineres Loch mit Schräge vorne.

Accessories for products

We have various accessories in the offer. Among them are tube, fans, child seats and much more to meet your needs and changes.

You can also buy certain products in a “bundle. In our Shop you will find more.

We would also be happy to advise you.

The ventilation principle of our dry separation toilet

Our concept provides for separation of the two substances (feces and urine). These are stored separately in a vessel.

Due to the separation and continuous ventilation, no odors arise in the toilet room. On the one hand, this is much more hygienic, as the aerosols from the intestinal flora are not distributed in the room, and on the other hand, it also ensures that no insects are attracted.

The fan creates a draft of air into the toilet seat, which is then directed to the roof. This air draft thus creates a kind of air barrier to the feces tank.

Our ventilation concept in this case shows a TTC MINERAL and a GOLDGRUBE®. It is implemented in all versions, so also the TTC HOLZ as well as the barrel solution work with this principle.

Instructions for the installation of the venting can be found here.