The company ABEREUS

On this page we would like to briefly introduce ABEREUS, its vision and mission as well as the founding team. Further down you will also find a small chronicle about the history of us so far.

The Team

Foto des Mitgründers Karsten Holzapfel

Karsten Holzapfel

Karsten Holzapfel, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) and founder of HOLZAPFEL+KONSORTEN KG, has been involved in near-natural wastewater treatment processes for over 20 years.

This ranges from the classic, biological house sewage treatment plant as a constructed wetland, to challenging plans for local districts, industrial wastewater and the like.

Consistently the aspect of sustainability was pursued, because only by the common consideration of waste water avoidance, treatment and utilization the environmental impact can be reduced to a minimum.

Foto des Mitgründers Jan Ilzig

Jan Ilzig

Jan Ilzig focused on the area of production management in his mechanical engineering studies.

He has been responsible for cross-departmental and cross-company tasks in various companies in order to redesign or adapt fundamental structures. As a result, processes became clearer, safer and easier for everyone and the quality as a whole for the customer could be increased.

Continuous improvement with a clear focus on the respective objective forms the basis for his actions.

Foto des Mitgründers Dr. Florian Wackermann

Dr. Florian Wackermann

Dr. Florian Wackermann is passionate about the interplay of major developments and concrete steps. He has a doctorate in the field of innovation economics and has held numerous seminars in the area of leadership development.

As Directeur Général, he was responsible for all business units of a retail company and, as project manager for the merchandise management system, he analyzed and digitized the majority of the commercial processes.

For him, a clear goal as a compass and continuous work on the individual steps are the most important building blocks for long-term success.

Protection of our drinking water

Auf dem Foto ist eine Tasse in der Hand einer Person. Die Tasse wird gerade in frisches Bachwasser getaucht und fließt mit Wasser voll.

Water is one of the most valuable goods. We humans need it just as much as the vast majority of other living creatures on this planet.

Freshwater in particular is the basis for our drinking water. Together, we want to protect our drinking water and reduce contamination in this valuable raw material. That is why we have also entered into a partnership with the United Nations

The use of dry separation toilets brings us a good deal closer to this step. Various contaminants, such as estrogens or drug residues, are thus prevented from entering the wastewater and thus also from getting into the lakes and rivers.

In this way, we protect nature and also our future drinking water. Only if we look at and understand the entire cycle of water, we can make a difference together.

ABEREUS history

2023 ABEREUS GmbH & Co. KG

Karsten Holzapfel KG and ABEREUS GbR merge to form ABEREUS GmbH & Co. KG.

2023 United Nations

ABEREUS GbR enters into a partnership with the United Nations.


Jan Ilzig and Dr. Florian Wackermann start a sales company as ABEREUS GbR.

2020 50. units

In the fall of 2020, the 50th installation will be set up along a hiking trail in Zingst. There are now  GOLDGRUBE® of various sizes and designs all over Germany.

2013 Plastic version

To cover smaller applications, such as a tiny house, the plastic version was developed by Karsten Holzapfel. This is significantly smaller and thus also more flexible.

2009 Expansaion to the DACH region

In April 2009, the first GOLDGRUBE® is sold to a costumer Austria. 

2006 Development of GOLDGRUBE

Karsten Holzapfel develops GOLDGRUBE® and sets up the first one in his garden. In the same year, the patent is applied for and the next two go into operation in the Hainich National Park.