Manuals and data sheets

On this page you will find various manuals and data sheets related to our products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Note that this material is only avaiable in Germany at the moment. 


Data sheets

GOLDGRUBE® / Concrete with foundation plate for toilet house

These versions of the GOLDGRUBE® are thus developed own “stand-alone solution”. For this purpose, we have two different types of houses in our offer: LÄRCHE and PANEEL. The concrete versions here take the static load of the foundation plate. The size of the base plate depends on the size of the GOLDGRUBE®. You can find the exact explanation in the section Public Toilets.

GOLDGRUBE® / Concrete for building integration

These versions of the GOLDGRUBE® are suitable for integration into different types of buildings. The concrete versions can also take a static load in this case. Such an integration is well possible especially for new buildings. Various installation options with drafts can be found in the Private Toilets section.