Examples of sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities for the kindergarten

Nature and forest kindergartens also need a sanitary facility. Due to their distance from the nearest village, a self-sufficient toilet is a practical option.

Together with LivingCircles, we were able to equip two kindergartens in the Swabian Alb with our system in 2023.

Our toilet concept has been integrated into LivingCircles’ kindergarten concept.

Self-sufficient toilet at the grill hut

Excursion destinations in the mountains, whether with or without wine, often have the problem that a connection to the sewage system is not possible or involves very high investment costs.

We were able to equip this grill hut in the Upper Rhine Graben with one of our toilet facilities in 2019. This was a practical solution for the municipality – and a pleasant way to make life easier for those using the hut.

Our toilet has been built onto the building as a barrier-free solution and is now part of it.

WC at the climbing park

Outdoor sports are in vogue. Whether bouldering, climbing or hiking, we enjoy spending time in nature. In many places, however, there is a lack of suitable locations to provide the necessary facilities.

The climbing park in Rothenburg ob der Tauber opted for the GOLDGRUBE® in 2011. Since then, five people have been able to go to the toilet there at the same time.

Our concept has been integrated into the climbing park building.

Self-sufficient toilet at the observation tower

We also have several installations at the Himmelsglück observation tower and the “Blackforest FlyingFox” on the Schömberg. We were able to realize these in 2022.

Tourists can enjoy the Black Forest to the full – and without barriers. The sanitary facilities have been integrated into a building next to the observation tower.

Sanitary solution in the city center

In 2021, the city of Nuremberg redesigned Jamnitzer Platz in the Gostenhof district and also equipped it with a modern, sustainable toilet facility at the request of local residents. The square now allows for exuberant play on the playground, at the table tennis tables or around the fountain.

The barrier-free solution is located in the middle of the city and the nearest canal is actually not far away. Nevertheless, the investment costs for a sewer connection would be significantly higher.

Here is our PANEEL toilet block in a barrier-free version.

Toilet at the skate park

The municipality of Wartenberg decided to install one of our toilet facilities at its skate park back in 2012. The children and young people who use the skate park, the basketball court or the table tennis tables now have a quick and easy option to go to the toilet; self-sufficient and right next door.

The medium-sized toilet facility has been given its own building by the municipality.

Modern restroom at the hiking parking lot

As part of a funding program, the Franconian Switzerland Nature Park is testing various self-sufficient toilet models. This includes two of our models. The toilet pictured here is located in Rupprechtstegen, in the municipality of Hartenstein. The low-barrier toilet facility was connected to a house by a local carpentry firm.

It is located at a parking lot for hikers and the canopy makes it an inviting place to take a break. On one side is the Pegnitz river; on the other is a well-known climbing wall in Franconian Switzerland.