The GOLDGRUBE® is a patented proprietary development for the separate storage of feces and urine in one container.

Our system complies with the standard of DIN 30762 „Prefabricated sanitation systems without connection to water supply and sewage system – Requirements and product features“ and is therefore state of the art. The basic concrete tank is also a regulated construction product (DIN EN 206-1, DIN 1045-2 and -4).

We have developed different sizes and variations to meet the needs of our customers. The heavy, large concrete design is a real alternative, especially for public toilets and residential buildings.

Skizze einer Goldgrube im Boden. Die Goldgrube ist ein Betonbehälter mit 2 Kammern. Auf dieser befindet sich eine Bodenplatte mit der unterschiedlich großen Ausgängen für die verschiedenen Ausscheidungen. sowie der Entnahmeöffnung.
GOLDGRUBE® / Concrete


The GOLDGRUBE® concrete consists of a tight, monolithic concrete tank (according to DIN V 4034-1) with base – the basic tank, with installed internal septic tank and the concrete foundation plate / concrete cover plate.
The variant made of concrete is statically highly loadable. It is installed in the ground, is buoyancy-proof and can be designed to be flood-proof.
The foundation or cover plate is prefabricated in the factory with all necessary pipes and openings. The tank is placed in the construction pit by the delivery truck, and once the pit has been backfilled, the foundation or cover plate is placed on top with a positive fit.

Construction types of the GOLDGRUBE®

There are various installation options. We provide you with these under data sheets – German only.

Auf der Skizze ist eine einzelne Toilette in einem eigenen Raum abgebildet. Unter dem Toilettenstuhl ist eine Goldgrube. Eine Entnahmeöffnung ist im Raum.
Einzelner Toilettenraum
Auf der Skizze sind zwei Räume mit je einer einzelnen Toilette abgebildet. Unter den Toilettenstühlen ist eine Goldgrube für beide. Eine Entnahmeöffnung ist zwischen den beiden Räumen.
Toilettenanlage mit zwei Räumen
Auf der Skizze ist eine einzelne Toilette in einem eigenen Raum abgebildet. Unter dem Toilettenstuhl ist eine Goldgrube. Eine Entnahmeöffnung ist außerhalb des Raumes im Freien.
Einzelner Toilettenraum in Gebäude integriert

Overview: GOLDGRUBE® versions

The following table shows the GOLDGRUBE® in its different versions. All versions comply with the DIN 30762 standard. Some of them can be used in both private and public areas, but not all of them make sense everywhere. The usage data are estimated values from the professional world. We will be happy to assist you in making the right choice.

The versions made of concrete can all both be integrated into a house and thus then have a round cover instead of a foundation plate. With a foundation plate, they are a “stand-alone solution”. The foundation plates or cover plates can have three different surface textures: concrete rough, partially concreted or prefabricated floor.

The data sheets provide further details around the different versions of the GOLDGRUBE®. Note that this data sheets are only in German.

Main container
installation depth (total)max. wall thickness (integration in building)Foundation plate
Foundation plate depthdeliverable housestatic loadable
Smallpublic / private
2,80021.00 m³1.30 m1.70 m20 cm1.50 m1.50 mLÄRCHEja
Mediumpublic / private
4,80031.75 m³1.50 m1.95 m50 cm1.70 m1.70 mLÄRCHE / PANEELja
Largepublic / private
9,00063.25 m³1.80 m2.25 m80 cm ⁴1.90 m1.90 mLÄRCHE / PANEELja
Accessiable³public / private
9,00063.25 m³1.80 m2.25 m80 cm ⁴ 2.30 m
(2.40 m)⁵
2.35 m
(2.45 m)⁵
Facilities 1public
9,000n.a.3.25 m³1.80 m2.25 mn.a.2.90 m1.90 mLÄRCHE / PANEELja
Facilities 2public
9,000n.a.3.25 m³1.80 m2.25 mn.a.2.90 m2.40 mLÄRCHE / PANEELja

¹ number of uses with average quantities of feces and urine per use.

² private building, number of occupants at one annual emptying

³ Movement areas according to DIN 18040-1

⁵ For self-build toilet house with wall thickness >6 cm

⁴ If more than one commode chair is connected, the wall thickness varies:

  • two toilet chairs on one floor: 20 cm
  • two toilet chairs on two floors: 70 cm