Our toilet: The concept


The past summer showed most people around the world that we must adapt our lifestyle to overcome the challenges of climate change. Global warming had been an issue for the last 30 years or so, but the last months made it especially clear in the Western countries that our lives will have to change. And that this must happen soon.

A big shortage this year is fresh drinking water. Even in the middle of Europe, water is scarce. But every day, we drain 25% of our daily needed water down the toilet. This is around 30 liters of drinking water. Water that would help hydrate 10 to 15 people for one day.

Our systems at ABEREUS don’t need water to flush our excrements down the toilet. Instead of using drinking water as a transport medium, we store our feces underneath. It may sound old fashioned, but it’s actually pretty smart. 😉
Our system has a small electrical ventilation that takes all the smell down the toilet and outside of the room. Even while you are doing your business, no smell will leave the toilet bowl. This makes the entire room more hygienic and therefore healthier for all users.

If the storage container deep down is filling up, a vacuum truck will pick up the excrements. This will happen once or twice a year.

The resources can be used directly in a biogas plant, or they can be discharged at a wastewater sewage plant. There are also some other ideas being tested about how to treat that waste even better, in order to use the contained energy, nutrients, or hydrogen.

For a big city, downtown apartment, these types of toilets may not yet be very convenient. Our first focus is to bring these toilets to offside places so that people find restrooms everywhere they go, like parking lots on highways, golf courts, hiking spots, huts in the outback and so on. Our toilets are way more affordable than water closets, environmentally friendly and help to build a better tomorrow.

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Source: Abereus