Conserving water in Monterrey, Mexico


Mexican utility Servicios de Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey (SADM) is actively addressing water scarcity challenges in Nuevo Leon. The region faces drought conditions due to low rainfall, climate change, and inadequate infrastructure. Monterrey, the state’s largest city, grapples with population growth of around 140,000 per year and industrial demand, putting immense strain on water resources.

To mitigate this, SADM has implemented several strategies:

  1. Pressure Regulation: By adjusting water pressure in the distribution network, they optimize efficiency and reduce losses due to leaks. Real-time monitoring helps identify areas with excessive pressure or leaks.
  2. Infrastructure Improvements: SADM is building new wells and repairing existing ones. This investment aims to enhance water supply reliability.
  3. Intermittent Supply: Despite providing 24/7 water supply historically, SADM had to implement intermittent supply during the crisis. This measure helps manage demand and conserve water.
  4. Community Engagement: Water tanks and dispensers are strategically placed across Monterrey. These serve as emergency water sources during supply interruptions and encourage responsible water use.

In summary, SADM’s multifaceted approach combines pressure management, infrastructure upgrades, and community involvement to address water scarcity in Monterrey.

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