Our toilet: Hainich EES


What do you do if a product works well? You get another one when the demand is there. Our toilet: Hainich EES

At the Environmental Education Station in the Hainich National Park, the first of our toilets was built in 2006 in the wheelchair accessible way. Since it worked well and since more and more visitors came, in 2019 a second toilet was built right next to it.

The station helps visitors get an idea of the fauna and flora in the National Park and the idea is to make it – especially for kids and students – fun to learn about nature. Find the wooden beams, guess the tracks of different animals, and explore the wildcat labyrinth.

If a certain need comes up, don’t worry. The two toilets are just behind the building.

The larger is barrier-free and holds sufficient space to navigate with a wheelchair. It has a lamp to offer good lighting no matter what the weather outside may be like and also includes a urinal and a particularly impressive bolt. The toilet has a large wooden blade on the door that falls over when you lock it and switches the sign outside from “free” to “occupied”.

The second toilet is a little smaller. It has a plexiglass ceiling so that natural light can come in. Just as the other one, there are both a regular toilet seat as well as a urinal. Since we know that not every man would sit down when peeing, we always recommend adding urinals to the cabins. Otherwise, the container for feces would likely fill up faster and the frequency for emptying them increases unnecessarily.

There is an idyllic large carved log with a pump-fountain next to the toilets, where you can pump water to wash your hands.

When was the last time you visited such an educational station and enjoyed being out in the green? And next time you do, wouldn’t you want to have such a modern toilet there as well?

So, if you’re interested in creating sustainable comfort, get connected and join us for a better resource use.