Our Toilet: In the West


?✨ This week, we’re unraveling the tale of one of our 60+ toilets, perched at the edge of Germany’s frontier near Isenbruch, Nieuwstadt, and Susteren. ?️? Did you know? Germany has its own ‘extreme points,’ and our toilet proudly claims its spot at the westernmost tip, embracing the quirky history of the Selfkant region. ??️ 

Imagine standing on the boundary, straddling two nations – Germany and the Netherlands, with Belgium just a stone’s throw away! ?????? The narrow stretch connecting to the west is a mere 4.8 km before Belgian vibes take over. Thankfully, in our EU family, borders are more about signposts than barricades! ?? 

Need a pit stop? Fear not! Our wheelchair-accessible toilet awaits, nestled next to a quaint rain shelter. ?️? Pro tip: If it’s locked, give Isenbruch a quick ring – blame it on some misguided souls who thought vandalizing public toilets was a splendid idea. ?? 

Step inside our westernmost oasis – equipped with a sleek, white dry separating toilet chair, a urinal, and two spacious, tinted windows for that perfect natural glow. ?? It’s large enough for wheelchair navigation, though we must confess, our last visit revealed a missing handrail or two. ?‍♂️?‍♀️ 

If you’re ever in the area, don’t miss out on this uniquely designed point in Germany. Rest easy knowing an odor-free toilet adventure awaits! ?? 

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