Our toilet: Rothenburg


Do you know the feeling: putting on climbing gear, walking up a ramp or a ladder to the middle of an impressive tree and being asked to walk across a rope towards another tree? Climbing courses are wonderful places for youngsters. Those who still enjoy feeling the adrenalin at a later stage in life. They also allow us to spend time in nature and playfully let us do some workout.

In the south of Germany, you can find the beautiful medieval city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. There are beautiful historic buildings, many fascinating sites to explore – and a very nice high rope course for young and old. In the climbing park, visitors will try to make it up, across and down through the forest. The runs have different levels of difficulty.

Since the park is a little bit outside of the city and right next to a forest, there is no sewage connection available. The option to offer a bathroom to the customers thus has to rely on independent solutions.

Our toilet has been integrated into the large office and storage building. While you will receive your gear and pay the bills at the upper end, you will find both a men’s and a women’s bathroom at the lower end of the building.

Women will find two cabins and men one cabin and two urinals. Both rooms offer a sink to wash your hands and the water is available thanks to a little foot pump. We found the bathroom to be very clean and well maintained. Reports from other users were very positive.

The bathroom is semi-public since it is only open for customers of the climbing park and only during working hours of the park. It is a great solution for a remote location which wants to offer great customer service. Since it has been opened more than 10 years ago, it has been inspiration and model to several other similar toilet installations throughout the country.

For more high rope course ideas, get up there and joins us for a better resource use!