Our toilet: Schneekopf


Do you remember the highest altitude of the central German state of Thuringia from last week? The interesting thing is that it rises to just below 1,000 meters at the 983 m high Großer Beerberg. Close by, there is a tower with a platform that allows you to cross the frontier and rise to 1,001 meters at the Schneekopf. You can walk to the platform from a large well-maintained parking space – where you can also find one of our toilets.

It’s included in a larger building and it contains a plant-based water treatment plant in front of it.

Our toilet at Schneekopf is wheelchair accessible and is located in a very spacious cabin. Besides our urine-diverting toilet seat, there is a urinal, a sink to wash your hands and a waste basket.

Operating a sink in a waterless toilets, offers two large advantages:

The resulting waste-water is only contaminated with soap and what people had on their hands. The pathogens, drug residues or hormones found in human excrements will not need to be treated. That’s why we can install pretty looking and blooming plant-based treatment plants near by.

Since water will be pumped with a foot pump, we don’t need to safeguard the room against freezing temperatures. The construction of the toilet building is then becoming fairly easy to implement.

So next time you go to visit the highest point of Thuringia, make sure you’ll also check out the very convenient toilet there – our toilet: Schneekopf.

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