Our toilet: User perspective


You already know that at ABEREUS, we provide modern sanitation solutions. Today, we will introduce the concept of our toilets from a user’s perspective and will show you why we’re so fascinated by them. Going to the bathroom is an unavoidable need. We all need to use one, would like to have some privacy, and want it to be hygienic.

Our facilities come with their own cabin or can be integrated in existing buildings. When you enter, they look like traditional waterclosets. The toilet is white and at the same height as in every bathroom you’ve been before.

You’ll notice a significant difference, however. Just take a deep breath! Yikes, in a public restroom? We’ll dare you and are confident that you’ll have a pleasant surprise. Since we don’t use water, we can ventilate the whole structure down into the toilet and through both a filter and a chimney. The room smells just like the area around the cabin – like a forest, like the lakeside or the mountain breeze. This is also true when someone is doing a big business. You can’t feel the air pulling underneath you, but you will sense that you’re not leaving a waft of scent in the room.

When using the toilet, we ask you to either go to the urinal or to sit down. This is important since the toilet bowl is shaped differently. Our body separates urine and feces – and the bowl keeps that separation. Urine will flow into a tank, and feces will fall – together with toilet paper and hygienic waste – into a container far underneath you. You can’t reach or see them. Once you feel relieved, you can use regular toiletpaper and sometimes you may want to use a toilet brush – much less often than in traditional toilets, though.

That’s it! You’re all set! No litter or straw, no chemicals, no technical device to use! Take some hand sanitizer or use the sink to clean your hands.

Enjoy the life outdoors, use our toilets and join us for a better resource use!