Our toilet: Wartenberg


Today we’ll present to you one of our toilets which is located at a site, where you may not necessarily expect it. It is next to a skatepark in a small community just north of Munich.

It is a toilet with one room, a toilet to sit on and a urinal. The building is made of concrete, has one window and has been built by a local company. It is creatively decorated with graffiti. The energy for the ventilator is provided by a solar power unit.

The community of Wartenberg has about 6,000 inhabitants and the skate park is located to the southwest of the city. On the premise, there is a large parking space, a basketball court, the skating area as well as a waiting area with covered resting places. What a great way for a community to provide a toilet at this hang-out-area for young people.

Since there is no water source nearby, the cleaning is supported by the local firefighter truck with its water tanks. The volume is well adjusted so that the toilet only needs to be emptied in long intervals.

We have heard and seen very damaged toilets of all types due to vandalism. At this toilet, the opposite seems to be the case. Experience shows that the users are very considerate of the place and there is not much maintenance needed. According to the manager of the local construction department, cleaning is an easy job and there haven’t been any problems since our facility opened in 2012.

Thanks to the toilet, during the day as well as at night, the area can be used by young people from the community. The respectful use of the facility is an impressive example of the tangible benefit and appreciation of having such a toilet available. Sustainability, future-orientation and the typical Bavarian Gemütlichkeit seem to coincide there.

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