Our toilet: Wildlife Park Erbach


This week we’re presenting a very typical use of our “GOLDGRUBE”-system. It’s the public toilet at the Wildlife Park Erbach. The park is open to the public at no fee and at the entrance you’ll find the toilet which is also publicly available free of charge.

It has been built in 2020 and it is wheelchair accessible. You’ll find one room with the regular toilet seat with handrails as well as a urinal. There is also a window towards the top of the room. Interestingly, the interior is painted in bright yellow.

Around the corner from the toilet and a little bit higher, you can find some picnic benches. Besides, there are some information panels on the way from the parking lot to the toilet. So, it is best used at the beginning or the end of your tour through the park.

If you’d like to visit (which we highly recommend), go to Germany’s Odenwald region in the state of Hesse, about 100 kilometers south of Frankfurt. To reach the Wildpark, you can take public transportation to the Brudergrund parking lot just west of Erbach (or hike, bike or drive there). The park features different local animals. Embedded in the great forest and hill settings of the Odenwald, it is a beautiful location for a family weekend excursion or an educational hiking trip.

Interestingly from our perspective, the solar power collectors are installed on the roof. Usually, we’d recommend putting them in a vertical way on the south-facing wall. Our ventilation system is designed to use very little energy. Positioning the solar panels in our suggested way will ensure best results when the winter sun does not rise high above the horizon.

In cases like the park, which is outside of a community and where a connection to the sewer system would be very costly, the GOLDGRUBE system is a future-oriented, affordable, and very valuable solution helping visitors enjoy their time in the park even more.

For more ideas for family weekends, get wild and joins us for a better resource use!