The toilet trailer


Next to our fixed toilet solutions there is also a possible trailer solution:

An innovative waterless toilet trailer is revolutionizing the mobile sanitation industry. This environmentally friendly toilet trailer offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive alternative to traditional Dixi toilets. Its most notable feature is its independence from water, chemicals, and bedding, not only minimizing environmental impact but also significantly reducing operating costs. With the independence from water, there will also be no need to connect to the waste water infrastructure and therefore, it can be placed almost everywhere on the event location.

The odor-free toilet trailer is ideal for events, construction sites, and temporary locations. It can accommodate up to 1.000 uses per trailer side, providing a cost-effective solution for small to medium crowds. The absence of water or chemical requirements makes maintenance considerably easier and contributes to environmental friendliness. Hand washing opportunities with fresh water are also available.

The user-friendly design and comfort make this toilet trailer the top choice for event organizers and construction professionals. Its design ensures a pleasant user experience, while the ecological benefits reduce the environmental footprint. It also meets the new DIN 30762-standard. Overall, this waterless, odor-free toilet trailer offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, reducing the need for conventional restroom facilities while ensuring comfort and hygiene.

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Source: ABEREUS & AAA-Entspannung