Water consumption of AI workloads


🚀 Did you know Microsoft’s data centers consumed a whopping 6.4 million cubic meters of water in 2022 alone? 💧 That’s a staggering 34% increase from the previous year, largely due to the surge in generative AI workloads. 🌊💻 

🔍 Researchers found that just five ChatGPT queries could gulp down as much as half a liter of water at data centers like Microsoft’s in Iowa! 😲💦 That’s like drinking a bottle of water with just a few clicks.  

Microsoft, in its sustainability report, reaffirmed its commitment to becoming water positive by 2030, investing in projects to replenish water and provide clean water access to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. 🌐💦 

🌱 Our discussion is both about highlighting the challenge and also about exploring solutions. How can we balance the demand for innovative AI technologies while conserving our vital resources? Let’s brainstorm together! 🤝🌍 

🌟 If you’d like to learn more about how our digital actions impact our precious resources, get connected and join us for a better resource use. 🌱💧 

Source: https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/news/microsofts-water-consumption-jumps-34-percent-amid-ai-boom/