Aerosols in drainage pipes


🌬️ Did you know that diseases can spread within buildings through drainage pipes? 😷  

When you flush the toilet, aerosols can be pushed through the pipes, potentially entering other apartments. 🏢 

🤔 Ever wondered how this happens? Check out this fascinating study ( that looks into the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 via fecal aerosols in a high-rise building. 💡 

👀 The study found that the infection source for some families was likely the master bathroom of another apartment. 😲 Virus-containing fecal aerosols might have been produced during toilet flushing and then spread via drainage systems. 

🚽 To prevent such transmission, it’s crucial to ensure drainage traps like U-shaped water traps don’t dry out. Good hygiene and proper bathroom ventilation can play a significant role in keeping your space safe. 

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