Drop in water levels through Germany


The news all over the world often highlight nowadays that there is a shortage of water. Recently, counties in Texas shut down their water supply completely and in Italy, 170 communities ordered the households that water can only be used for drinking or cooking in the upcoming days. So, what about taking a shower or flushing the toilet?

For Germans, these kinds of news are something we hear occasionally and always link it to other regions of the world, but certainly not to us. Lately, however, we have also had news about shortage of water, and rangers told us over the last years that the trees are dying due to global warming and a lack of water.

The Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS) at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada now released a paper that even astonished the researchers. One of the regions with the biggest amount of water loss in the world is Germany. On the one side, our demand of water – especially in times of droughts – is too high. On the other side, higher temperatures are the cause for more evaporation. Besides, more water in heavy rain events simply runs off in rivers. It therefore does not reach groundwater level and plants cannot access it.

Germany as well as a lot of other regions around the world must adapt fast to those changes. Otherwise, there won’t be enough water. Every one of us can do his / her part: We must be more economical with our water usage by getting water saving shower heads, dishwashers and washing machines. Dripping units must be replaced, as well as older toilets. Flushing the toilet represents one of the largest shares of water consumption in a household.

And there are even toilets that don’t need to flush at all, which could save up to 40 liters per person per day. Contact us for more information! This way, all of us can have a positive impact on the water stress level.

So, get on board, save water, and join us for a better resource use!

Sources: https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/europa/wasserknappheit-duerre-101.html