Mapping the water crisis


🌍 ABEREUS Story Tuesday: Mapping the Water Crisis – Join Us 🌊 

ABEREUS is excited to share a vital initiative initiated by Mr. Kai Rüsberg, a renowned German journalist, addressing the growing water crisis. Climate change is making this crisis increasingly tangible, affecting lives and infrastructure, especially in Southern Europe. Prolonged weather patterns, extended droughts, and intense high-pressure systems are wreaking havoc, affecting lives, infrastructure, and agriculture. It’s no longer a distant concern; it’s knocking on our doors. 

Mr. Rüsberg’s project, “Mapping the Water Crisis – Durchblick in der Klimakrise,” aims to bring transparency and clarity to this complex issue. They’re creating a user-friendly map with solid data to highlight water crisis locations. 

🌐 [Interactive Prototype]( 

The exciting part? They need your help to document the water crisis. This is an ongoing program, gathering data through crowd participation and citizen science. Currently, the prototype showcases dozens of Wasserkrise events based on media reports. 

If you’re interested in learning more or becoming a collaborator, visit the project page. They invite you to join, become a collaborator on, and even request editor rights to contribute. 

Let’s work together to shed light on the water crisis, make sense of the chaos, and take steps toward a more sustainable future. If you’d like to learn more about mapping the water crisis, get connected and join us for better resource use. 🌦️💧