Needed change for public toilets


In addition to all the major problems that currently exist in this world, we also have challenges right on our doorstep time and again. Cities and municipalities will have to undergo a great deal of change in the coming years. Climate change is one of the reasons.

The high levels of sealing in cities are becoming an increasing problem, with heavy rainfall events on the rise, as well as prolonged periods of heat. In the first case, we would need “sponge cities” so that water can drain away even in large quantities; in the other, larger green spaces with stored water would provide cooling but don’t exist.

Both would make our regions more livable and “healthier”, because extreme weather conditions are claiming more and more victims among the population. The elderly in particular are at risk here, and their share of the total population is also steadily increasing in many regions around the world.

This change to a greener city is, besides the high cost, also a big challenge due to less (potential) personnel. Demografic change leads to a lower workforce. At ABEREUS, we can support municipalities and cities in those two fields with our public toilets.

In most regions, we need more public toilets. Our solution is waterlessand the investment costs are a fraction of water-flushed toilets: A great ecological and economic solution – which also doesn’t need high maintenance.

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