As we told you last Friday, there are more than 1.400 toilets to sit on and over 1 Kilometer of urinal channels at the Oktoberfest. But why is that number and how do we know how much toilets we need?

The Oktoberfest is as we all know always located in Munich, Germany. And Germany is famous for having a regulation or norm for everything. Of course, that also includes festivals, also the ones as big as the Oktoberfest. The venue regulation doesn’t state a concrete number but a recommendation.

The recommendation is meant for every 100 visitors:

Visitors Women Men urinal channel Men sitting toilets

Up to 1.000 1,2 1,2 0,8

Over 1.000 0,8 0,6 0,4

Over 20.000 0,4 0,6 0,3

This means that we need less toilets if the festivals are getting bigger. Also, the length of the festival is important. As people prefer to go to their own toilet, a shorter festival normally need less toilets than a longer festival.

What it does state is, that every event organizer must make sure that enough clean and hygienic toilets are directly next to the event. The sanitation system must be overviewed at any time so that shortages of material such as toilet papers, towels or soap will not be an issue.

Especially events like Oktoberfest the organizer want to make sure that the toilets are easy and fast to reach and are well recognizable, so that people don’t use an alternative that will make the event for everyone a nightmare.

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