Water Future Bavaria 2050


The impact of climate change on water supply in Bavaria, Germany, has resulted in more frequent and severe flooding, falling groundwater levels, increasing water demand in agriculture, drought, and damage to forests and aquatic ecosystems. To address these challenges, the Bavarian government has launched two programs: the Water Security 2050 program and the Bavarian Waters Action Program 2030 (PRO Gewässer 2030).

The Water Security 2050 program focuses on drought and aims to improve basic services, such as access to safe drinking water, and to evaluate and adapt technical water infrastructure. The Bavarian Waters Action Program 2030 focuses on flood management, ecology, and social functions. The program invests around €200 million annually in flood protection and ecological water management.

The key program areas are communication, research, and data management. The Bavarian government has already begun implementing these programs. However, achieving those goals will require cooperation from various stakeholders, such as authorities, municipalities, farmers, forest owners, industry, trade associations, and planners from different disciplines. At ABEREUS, we’re ready to support the succesful implementation of those projects.

If you’d like to contribute to high water security, get connected and join us for a better resource use.

Source: https://www.stmuv.bayern.de/themen/wasserwirtschaft/wasserzukunft_bayern_2050/index.htm