New toilets in Amsterdam


In Amsterdam, there has been a shortage of public toilets for women, leading to a recent initiative to address this issue.

After years of advocacy and a memorable protest by women who urinated in public as a form of demonstration, the city is investing four million euros to create more public restrooms specifically for women. These new facilities will go beyond the traditional urinals meant for men. The first of these women-friendly toilets are expected to be built later this year.

The catalyst for this movement was the conviction of a student named Geerte Piening in 2015 for public urination. Piening received a 90 euro fine after she relieved herself next to a building due to the lack of nearby restroom facilities. She argued that while Amsterdam had 35 public toilets, only two were suitable for women.

In response to this disparity, women staged protests by using urinals or even urinating on sidewalks. Geerte Piening welcomes the investment in new toilets, recognizing that it took a while but is now a positive step forward.