Our toilets: Provider perspective


You already know that at ABEREUS, we provide modern sanitation solutions. Last week we talked about the user’s perspective. Today, we will introduce the concept of our toilets from a provider’s perspective.

Our cabins are independent of any infrastructure networks. They use solar energy for the ventilation system – and lighting if desired. They can be placed where users need them (irrespective of the connection challenges that other toilet systems face). Our facilities are among the first to fulfill the new DIN 30762.

Underneath the cabin, 2 meters into the ground, we have a large storage container with two separate compartments: one for urine and one for feces. The container is watertight and can even be placed in areas with risk of flooding. It is designed so that it only has to be emptied once or twice a year.

The cabins have been structurally calculated and are safe in different weather conditions. They usually contain a toilet as well as a urinal. The interior can be designed to be accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Since we want the toilets to be used by a wide variety of people from the middle of society and all walks of life, they are designed like the ones we know from water closets. We also have a wheelchair accessible version. The increase in comfort comes for example from the continuous ventilation system which keeps the air odor-free, and which does not attract flies or insects.

Our toilets come in individual cabins or modules that can be combined. We also have different designs for the exterior and interior.

It is our vision to protect water and implement circularity in our resource use. Both goals are found in our public toilets – and at the same time they provide the same or more comfort than traditional water-flushed restrooms. The excrements can potentially be used thanks to their high energetic value, their contained nutrients, or the locked-in hydrogen.

Get one in your community, check out all the features and join us for a better resource use!